Why are the SolveBio coordinates of my variant different from UCSC/dbSNP/other?

Please make sure you are checking the GRCh37/hg19 coordinates.


If you are checking the NC_ based HGVS g. genomic coordinates on dbSNP, make sure you are looking at the one with the lower version number.

For example, in dbSNP for rs9534262, NC_000013.11:g.32362509T>C is actually the GRCh38 coordinates. The GRCh37 coordinates are NC_000013.10:g.32936646T>C and corresponds to the SolveBio variant of GRCH37-13-32936646-32936646-C.

Another possibility is that the coordinates you are seeing are functionally equivalent and refers to the same variant. The coordinates we use are the same coordinates as how the original source database states the variant. These coordinates are not normalized (see the ANNOVAR website for a very good introduction to the vagarities of the genomic coordinate systems). This is occasionally a problem with insertions and deletions in homopolymer and trinucleotide repeat regions.

If there still appears to be a discrepancy, please email us at support@solvebio.com and we will look into it immediately!



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