What is SolveBio?

SolveBio was founded in 2013 with the mission of solving one of the more vexing problems in Translational medicine. In partnership with some of the leading pharmaceutical, diagnostics, and CDx organizations in the world, SolveBio has developed technology which enables the use of multi-omics and clinical outcomes data for therapeutic and diagnostic development. SolveBio’s core technology allows it to index, harmonize, and link complex biological data in real-time: external data sources are continuously processed and connected to proprietary internal customer information. This allows biotech, pharma, and diagnostic customers to maintain a real-time, collaborative, in-depth view into targets, biomarkers, and clinical trials and effectively use molecular knowledge.


Are you a scientist in Translational Sciences, a clinical geneticist, or variant curation specialist? Use our platform and visualization tools to dig deeper into individual genetic variants, genes, and other markers.  

Are you a bioinformatician? We've parsed, harmonized, versioned reference data so you can spend your time analyzing and developing instead of being a data janitor. 

Are you a developer? Use our API as your data backbone and create genomics applications with ease.

Email contact@solvebio.com or request a demo to learn more.

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