Getting started with SolveBio

Let's get started with SolveBio! If you don't already have an account, request one from us. Let's begin.


View Files and Data 

Data is stored and organized in Vaults.  Your account contains your Personal Vault (data private to you), your Organization's vaults (data shared with you at your company) and SolveBio Vaults (data shared with you by SolveBio.  SolveBio public data includes harmonized reference data imported by the team at SolveBio. We index and keep updated reference datasets ranging from Clinvar, to PubMed to somatic variants in TCGA. Don't see the data you need? Import your own data into your Vault or we can do it for you, just let us know



You can analyze the data directly in your web browser using our table explorer or you can explore via our API and slice and dice as you need to. Click on a dataset to see a summary of the data. You can filter this view by clicking on any of the charts.  


You can view the underlying data by selecting the Table tab. From this view you can sort, hide and show columns. Apply advanced filters to slice and dice the data as needed. 


Analyze in depth using the Charts tab. Create Histograms, Box Plots, Genomic Scatter Plots, Bar Charts and more.



View Dashboards about entities Genes and Variants by selecting one of the Entity tabs.


Export your views and filters to code (Python, R and Curl) for including in your workflows and pipelines.





Intelligent search for biomedical entities

Search through 380+ million genetic variants, every gene, all of PubMed and more from within SolveBio. We are adding new entity types regularly so let us know if there are entities you would like to see.



Explore variants

View and analyze individual genetic variants in the variant explorer. See where the variant lies on the genome, read associated literature, view specific analyses and more. Try visualizing BRAF V600E or CFTR delta508.



Use the API

SolveBio has API clients for:

Use our API's to query and filter the data as you need to. You can read our API docs here and see Python examples below.


Next steps

Great! You've made it this far. Feel free to reach out to us at with any questions or concerns. Otherwise here are some next steps:


Still have questions? Feedback? Submit them to us and we will get back to you right away.


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