Roles and Permissions in SolveBio

SolveBio account members can have one of the following roles:

  • Primary Owner: Every account has a single Primary Owner. The Primary Owner controls the highest-level security and administrative settings: payments, team authentication method, security policies, and so on. The Primary Owner is usually the person who created the team. Only the Primary Owner can switch their role with another person.
  • Owner: Owners can do everything the Primary Owner can do except assign the Primary Owner.
  • Admin: Admins are able to manage members and handle other maintenance tasks. We recommend that larger teams have several Administrators.
  • Member: This is the default role for new people added to your team. Members must be given explicit permissions to vaults (directly or through groups) in order to see them. In some cases, Members may use beacons without having explicit permission to the underlying dataset (or vault containing the dataset). 
  • Restricted Members: Restricted Members cannot view or alter any settings, and cannot query, edit, or delete any data unless given explicit permissions to vaults (directly or through a group). This role is useful for guests, contractors, or others that need temporary access to a limited selection of data.

Tip: Visit your account settings to manage users and groups in your account.

In addition to roles, users can be granted explicit permissions to vaults individually or through Groups.


The following tables show the permissions granted to each role:

Enabled in all accounts
■ Can be enabled if an Account Owner chooses


Managing Vaults

Admins, owners and above have the ability to view, create, modify, and delete all vaults. Learn more about managing vault permissions in SolveBio.


Managing Users & Groups

  Primary Owner Owner Admin Member Restricted Member
Promote someone to member ✓     
Promote someone to admin    
Promote someone to owner      
Promote someone to primary owner        
Invite new users to your account  
View all users in your account  
Create groups in your account ✓   
View groups in your account ✓  ✓   
Remove a user from your account ✓     
Add and remove users from any group ✓  ✓  ✓     
Add and remove vaults from any group    


Account Administration

  Primary Owner Owner Admin Member Restricted Member
Edit account settings      
View all support tickets    
Submit support tickets  ✓  ✓
Manage password policy      


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