Vaults and Data Management Overview

In this article we will describe how SolveBio manages a wide variety of reference data from hundreds of sources, each with many distinct versions. SolveBio’s platform is designed to help scientists manage and make sense of distinct, isolated datasets and integrate them while maintaining data provenance.

Vaults are the top-level container of your data. Vaults are like folders on your computer and can contain files, folders and SolveBio datasets. You can organize your data however you like. Vaults are uniquely named across your organization. There is no limit to the number of Vaults, Files, Folders or SolveBio Datasets that you can make.

Vaults have Read, Write and Admin permissions and can be shared with other users and groups within your organization. Vaults can also be shared with other organizations. SolveBio shares a vault called "Public" that includes all of our curated data sources available to our users. Data is organized and versioned within.




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