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SolveBio Notes

The Notes module allows users to leave detailed notes about specific biomedical entities that will be shared among all users in your account. When a team member views the Notes app, any notes that exist for that entity will appear. Notes are stored securely in your organization's Notes Vault.


A note is a piece of information that links to a specific entity in SolveBio. It has a title, details, linked entities (you can link multiple) and associated tags. Notes can be linked to genes, variants, literature and chromosome regions.

An example note could be:

Variant: rs121434569
Title: Found in Internal Study A24
Details: This missense variant classified as (likely) deleterious in Study A24. At the time was a likely pathogenic in the literature. Found in Pubmed IDs 6320174 and 6320174


Why Use Notes?

Notes allow you to keep track of variants, genes and other entities that you have seen with pieces of relevant information. Notes also allow silo-ed information to be shared across your organization. You may find that the same genes and variants you are working on have been already classified or analyzed by other members of your organization.


How Do I add Notes?

The Notes app appears on the Entity Detail page and on the Dataset Table Explore tab. You can view and add Notes from here.

Create a Note by Clicking Add Note


Fill in the fields for your note and Publish


Your note will now appear here for you and everyone in your account


Notes also appear on the Dataset Table Explore Tab


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