Managing Password Policies

Password policies can be configured by account owners only (learn more about roles and permissions on SolveBio). To configure your password policy, visit your account's Organization Settings page.

The following password policies can be configured:

  • Password length: the minimum number of characters required.
  • Password history: the number of historical passwords to keep for each user. Users may not reuse any passwords.
  • Expiry days: the number of days that a user's password will be valid for. Users will be prompted to reset their password upon login when expired.
  • Changes per day: the number of times a user may change their password in a 24 hour window.

The following policies apply to the password composition. To comply with industry standard password policies, if all four are enabled then only three must be met for a password to be considered valid.

  • Minimum number of symbols (special characters)
  • Minimum number of numbers
  • Minimum number of lowercase letters
  • Minimum number of uppercase letters


To view and edit your password policy (account owners only), visit your account's Organization Settings page.

To change your password, visit your Security Settings.


SAML/SSO Accounts

If your account has SAML/SSO configured, the password policies on SolveBio do not apply to you. Your password policies are set by your account's identity provider.

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